quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010

Jesus loves you

Tell me what do you believe in
Does your life have rime or reason
Something in your heart that makes you care
I hope that you dont mind me asking
But i´ve got a burning question
I need to know forever you`ll be there

I cant make it clearer
Putting any other way
If you cant see the simple truth i do
Then there is nothing in this world thats left to say
But Jesus loves you

I know i dont have all the answers
And i have wasted many chances
To prove to you a faith that lives inside
I´m praing there will be a break through
Cause I cant be the one to save you
God knows how many times i´ve tried

I can´t explain
I can´t deny
For many times for you I´ve cried
And to see you on your knee tonight

Stellar Kart

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